FOOL'S WAR XXVI, 23-26 April 2015

Saxon Violence

The event will be held at Al Sihah Shrine Park in Macon, Georgia.



We step loosely into the Anglo-Saxon chronicle shortly after the Saxons have invaded Britain and conquered its southeastern regions. Rival Warlords have divided the Saxon lands into 4 kingdoms:

East Saxons: Essex.

Middle Saxons: Middlesex

South Saxons: Sussex

West Saxons: Wessex

Seeing incursions from outside forces on the horizon, the leaders seek to unite the region under a single Bretwalda. However, as each of the warlords is ambitious, none will concede the title to the others without a fight.



Weekend: $15  |  Daytrip: $10

Free Admission for all guests 12 or under and 60 and over.  


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The site will open Thursday, 23 April at 5:00 PM. Come early, give yourself time for a little rest and relaxation, as both Friday and Saturday will be full of fighting and fun!


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