FOOL'S WAR XXV, 10-13 April 2014

A War of True Love

The event will be held at Sandy Beach, Lake Tobesofkee, Macon Georgia

10-13 April 2014






To celebrate the TWENTY-FIFTH annual Fool's War, we are celebrating the perfect love of Wesley and Buttercup.  Bring your armor, horses, hounds, weapons, dancing shoes, drums, mugs, and especially your Mead!  Yes, this is a WET site!  We will have fighting, an Embroidery Competition, fighting, activities for young and  old, epic fighting, and…???



Thursday through Sunday: $12  ||  Friday through Sunday: $10 || Saturday & Sunday: $8



 Non-members add $5.  Make reservation checks payable to SCA Inc., Shire of Tir Briste.



Please see our Reservation page for early payment information.




Checks will NOT be accepted at the door. 




All guests 60 and older or 12 and younger get





The site will open Thursday, 10 April at 5:00 PM. Come early, give yourself time for a little rest and relaxation, as both Friday and Saturday will be full of fighting and fun!


Bringing minors that are not your own??

Be sure to bring the following forms or YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON SITE!!

Please read the instructions carefully!  They must be notarized.  Don't wait till the last minute!


Next Meeting Nov 17, 2014

7:30 pm Flint Energies Bldg