Welcome to the Shire of Tir Briste!

Upcoming Special Shire Activities:

Shire Gatherings

  • Newcomers 101 class series. This is an ongoing series of classes that will be announced here as the dates are decided on. Keep an eye out for the next fun class and what it will be!! 
  • The next newcomer class is scheduled to be a triple threat!!! This set of classes will be held on Saturday October 6th at 2pm. It will be at the home Lady Elsbeth Fereday. Send a Facebook message or email for address. Click on the link highlighted to be directed to email. 

*Protocol and Precedence - CMA-2000:
An introduction to titles and their meanings. This class will cover the different titles in the SCA; simple awards of arms grants of arms peerages and royal peerages with attention to what the titles are for how they are achieved and how they rank.
*Awards - CMA-4603:
Awards in Meridies. Ie what the various kingdom awards are and what they mean. 
*Regailia - CMA-4902:
Regalia of Meridies. Ie what the various award badges and shiny items mean

Ongoing Shire Activities

Fighter Practice


Populace Meeting

A&S Night

Archery Practice

  • The next archery practice will be announced. Practices take place at Barbara Calhoun Park in Perry. GA. There is a $5 to the park per person who shoots. Attendees who don't wish to shoot do not have to pay the fee.

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Next Meeting - 3rd Monday every month, 7:30 pm Flint Energies Bldg Hwy 96