Welcome to the Shire of Tir Briste!

Upcoming Special Shire Activities:

Shire Gathering

  • Next shire gathering is TBD


Ongoing Shire Activities

Fighter Practice


Populace Meeting

A&S Night

  • The next A&S night will be Monday, May 14th. It is schedule to last from 6:30 to 9:30 at the home of Baronessa Dianora di Cellini.
  • Special A&S meetings coming up:
    • Culinary Class Day! It will be held June 2nd. Will be held at THL Eachna ni Clonmakate's (Sharon Gray) home. See the FB event page for further details. 

We are going to have a day of RUM classes based on Culinary subjects. Each class is an hour long and receive RUM credit for elective classes. These are cooking classes, so yes we will be cooking and sampling! But feel free to bring snacks and drinks. The schedule is as follows:

Noon: Camp Cooking for Scaredy Cats. We will discuss easy and safe ways to prepare, pack, and store food at war!
1:00: The Pastry of Scappi. We are going to learn how to make apple pastries based on the book the Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi, cook to Popes and Cardinals in the 16th C.
2:00: Making Fritters. Fritters were Roman street food.
3:00: Elizabethan Guide to Chocolate. We will be learning about the history of chocolate, and sampling an Elizabethan chocolate recipe.
4:00: Period Candy Making. We will be making a horehound candy.
The classes will be conducted outside and we will use a firepit and camp stove. So dress accordingly (It may be hot!). And bring a chair! Hope to see you on the 2nd!

    • Fiber Class Day! It will be held June 30th. Will be held at THL Eachna ni Clonmakate's (Sharon Gray) home. See the FB event page for further details. 

We are going to have a day of Fiber Arts classes, and you will receive RUM credit for electives. The schedule of classes is:
12:00: Introduction to basic knitting. We will learn stockinette, purl, increasing, decreasing, and how to read a pattern.
1:00: Knitting Twists and Turns. We will learn how to make braids and other decorative stitches to make a Celtic Sweater
3:00: Knitting Socks. We will learn about knitting in the round and shaping. 
4:00: Kumihimo. We will learn about the ancient art of Japanese braiding. 
Please bring a pair of knitting needles (size 7 or 8 will be fine), a skein of wool (cheap polyester yarn is best), and some DMC embroidery thread (3 colors). Also bring a chair, snacks and drinks.

Archery Practice

  • The next archery practice will be announced. Practices take place at Barbara Calhoun Park in Perry. GA. There is a $5 to the park per person who shoots. Attendees who don't wish to shoot do not have to pay the fee.

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