A Feast for A Glorious Day

Timothy and Ysmay's Coronation Menu and Removes

Feast: $8.00


Feast will include breakfast Saturday/Sunday and Dinner Saturday.



1-3 prepared by Lord Leioolfr Grimr Forth Remove (desserts) provided by Countess Hanna' hint Abdullah.


First remove Roast of fresh pork Multi regional. (apples, pears, garlic, and common herbs. Cherry wood, pecan wood and hickory wood used for smoking. Hwerhwettan Wyrtmete (Cucumber Salad) Tastes of Anglo Saxon England pg 30 Cucumbers, onion, salt, black pepper, honey, white wine vinegar and water. Dark mustard sauce Germany, Ale, mustard powder, dark mustard seeds and vinegar. Wild rice with mushrooms and leeks English/Norse (rice, mushrooms, leeks, vegetable stock) garlic and herbs. Peas with leeks, salt, pepper, butter, green peas and leeks. Late period France and England. Fresh Bread Herbed butter/regular butter ingredients oregano, thyme, basil, parsley and garlic.


Second Remove Braede Cicen (Smoked Roasted Chicken) (added to recipe for flavor pears and apples) (smoked with apple and pecan wood) Tastes of Anglo Saxon England Pg39 Chicken, olive oil, honey, cloves and cinnamon. Roasted root vegetables (turnips, parsnips and carrots) Multi Regional early to late period English, French Scandinavia and most of Europe common herbs, turnips, parsnips, carrots and other available root vegetables. Caules Wyrmete (Cabbage Salad) Tastes of Anglo Saxon England PG 29 Cabbage, leeks, green peas, feta cheese,vinegar,olive oil, salt and pepper. Makerouns (A dish of noodles and cheese) England 14th century A Boke of Good Cookery, Source Forme of Cury Pasta, butter, Grated Cheese, olive oil and salt. Believed to be the foundation of modern macaroni and cheese. Hunigbaer Moran ( Honey Glazed Carrots) Salt, radishes, butter, honey, cider vinegar, cinnamon, mint, carrots and cress. Tastes of Anglo Saxon England pg 32


Third remove Pyes De Pares (Pies of Paris) 15th Century England. A Boke of Gode Cookery PG 87 (beef and pork cooked in red wine with ginger, salt, dates, egg yoke and black currants. Made into a pie Albironia (Andalusia) (vegetable ragout) (Middle Eastern/Mediterranean) A Mediterranean Feast PG 290. Eggplant, olive oil, onions, peppers, zucchini and paprika. Assorted pickled Vegetables. Saluian AEgru (Sage Eggs) A Taste of Anglo Saxon England pg 46 olive oil, eggs, Sage, light cream salt and pepper


Fourth remove Desserts To Be Announced


Beverages Sweet Tea Water Water with mint and lemon Home brewed English Brown Ale 7.1% served only by an adult provided the site is wet if not wet then one keg gifted to the royalty. Beer name Prince Timothy's English Brown Ale. Proof of age required at distribution. (Permission Granted By Prince Timothy)


Pig, most vegetables and herbs provided by Yankee Belle Farms Aka Grimrs Keep farm and brewery. Pork is pasture raised, also fed non gmo feed, grains fruits and vegetables (yes the pigs have their own vegetable garden) all vegetables grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Only organic compost used. Specifically and specialty for high table rack of pork ribs stuffed with cheek meat, rice, mushrooms. Many feast items are what would be available seasonally and from period cook books and other European educational sources.


The menu is subject to change at any time with permission of His and Her Highness. Menu will be posted at Troll Kingdom website and Shire FB group.


Any questions or concerns please contact Lord Leioolfr Grimr via Facebook messenger or via email at leioolfr@gmail.com

Greetings Good Gentles of Meridies and Beyond,



I Lord Leioolfr Grimr will be your feast steward for the Coronation of Timothy and Ysmay. Currently, there are 27 menu items split between three removes fourth remove being assorted deserts. The feast is early to late Anglo-Saxon and a few Norse dishes and Middle Eastern dishes. The dessert remove will be Middle Eastern desserts prepared by Countess Hanna. The pig and many of the vegetables are coming off my farm and I will be adding a few extra vegetable dishes to the menu last minute due to availability and dietary needs of the populous. Fret not Prince Timothy and Princess Ysmay have been tracking the status of the Royal pig. The pig has been raised on non GMO feeds and put to pasture to graze on non GMO wheat, barley, oats, beet's and greens. Vet check was completed last week and the sow is good in health and good to go currently weighing 493 pounds. The vegetables are grown from non GMO organic seeds, and I do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The feast menu will go live in the next few days as soon as I proof it and forward it.




Yours in Service to the Cause and Dream, 


Lord Leioolfr Grimr


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