Land Reservations

All camping will be open camping for Coronation. Camping is on a first come first served basis. "No Camping" areas will be roped off and marked on the site map.




*Note - Per our contract with the site, RV camping has special pricing. In addition to site fees, RVs will require an extra $16/night.


The site has multiple RV spots available which can accommodate RVs of any size, back ins and pull thrus. There are water and electric hookups available at most sites with 30 and 50 amp service available. There is Wi-Fi, a comfort station, and multiple dump stations. located on site.


Site Map

On-site Facilities

There is a shower house with flush toilets (single style) and men and women's showers with two shower stalls each. Shower stalls have a curtain but no additional changing space, so robes, towel wraps, or shower trip tunics/dresses are recommended as it may be difficult to get fully dressed in the space.

The climate controlled main hall has men and women's restrooms with several flush toilets, two sinks, and power outlets. In-hall courts have provided seating, though seats do sometimes fill up.

If you have medical devices that needs to be charged or medicine that needs to be kept refrigerated, please contact the autocrat.

Site Rules

  1. Participants must make an effort at clothing from pre-1600.
  2. Wear your site token! These will be issued at Troll, and you must show said token at the gate for re-entry.
  3. No illegal substances.
  4. The site is wet. The legal drinking age in Georgia is 21. Please observe the Law! Anyone giving alcohol to a minor will be expelled from site. Checking ID is encouraged.
  5. Absolutely NO in-ground fires. All fires must be safely contained in an elevated brazier.
  6. No firearms (including cannons) or fireworks.
  7. Leashed dogs are welcome, but no exotic animals.  Please leave your tigers, lions, bears and unicorns at home.  You must show proof of a current Rabies tag to enter site with a pet. Dangerous or aggressive animals will be asked to leave the site.
  8. Swimming in the pond is NOT allowed or recommended.
  9. Trenching for foul weather draining is allowed. Trenches must be re-filled before site closes.
  10. Reservoir style camp showers and trenching for their drainage is also permitted provided that all trenches are filled and drainage does not flow into a neighbor's camp.
  11. Day shades are welcome around the fields other than in the areas marked for marshals', fighter support, and the Royal pavilion. Shade space is first-come, first-served.
  12. Please respect Off-Limits areas. They are marked on the map above. No vehicles, pop-ups, or anything other than feet and light-weight wagons or carts are allowed in these areas.
  13. Please vacate the site by 12 PM, and don't forget all of your vehicles!  Take all trash to the dumpster located near the first entrance by the pond. Do not leave paper towels, gum, old phones, unpaid bills, junk mail, your ex's garb, hopes, dreams or goldfish in your campsite or the porta pottie.
  14.  Please contact the nearest member of event staff should you see any dangerous behavior, safety hazards, or other concerns. We wish to provide an enjoyable Coronation for all.


Fire Safety

Notice - Based on our agreement with the Land Owner, there will be no in-ground fires!


Rule 1:  All camps must have required fire safety equipment.

  • One extinguisher for every five liquid-fuel flame-powered devices in camp.
  • Two fire buckets with water or sand for every fire pit.
  • Fire blankets are encouraged.


Rule 2:  All fire and flame sources must be attended.

  • One adult capable of extinguishing the fire must attend the fire at all times.

Rule 3:  All fuels for flame-powered devices must be handled and used according to their manufactured safety requirements.

Rule 4:  All flame-powered devices and fires must meet the following safety requirements.

  • Fire pits smaller than 2 ft across placed no closer than 10 ft to any structure.  (Small or cook fire rule)
  • Braziers larger than 2 ft across placed no closer than 20 ft to any structure.  (Bonfire rule)
  • Elevated flame-powered light sources must be stable and located a distance equal to their height plus one foot from any structure or flammable ground cover.


The Constable and Autocrat retain the power to revoke fire privileges where necessary.

Remember - Stop! Drop! Roll!

Regarding Children

In accordance with Meridian Law, children under the age of twelve must be in sight or sound range of a parent or other designated adult or teen. In other words, kids must be attended! Disregard for this rule will result in expulsion from the site.

Please pay serious attention to this Law -
we do take it seriously and will enforce it. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse - signs will be posted! A curfew will also be in effect.

Be aware that the Law about attended children applies everywhere on site, including activities - you must sign your children in and out. 

Please remember, while there are children's activities planned, these activities are NOT a babysitting service. Be considerate of those who give their time to work with your children, and consider giving an hour of assistance, if you are able.


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Next Meeting - 3rd Monday every month, 7:30 pm Flint Energies Bldg Hwy 96