Their Royal Majesties Boru and Fianna invite the populace, combatants, consorts, and esteemed Guests to attend Their Meridian Crown tournament. Combatants will draw inspiration from their consorts as they compete for the honor and privilege to serve as the next Heirs of Meridies.


Site opens at 5pm on Friday Nov. 8th & closes at Eleven on Sunday Nov.10th


Adult Registration Weekend: $25|Adult Registration Day: $20
Feast: $8

Weekend Pre-Registration Discount of $2 until Nov. 1st

**Member Admission Discount $5**

Free Admission for all Children 17 and Under



Make reservation checks payable to SCA, Inc., Shire of Tir Briste.


Pay by paypal at



Please see reservations page for more information.



Bringing minors that are not your own??

Be sure to bring the following forms or YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON SITE!!

Please read the instructions carefully!  Don't wait till the last minute!

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Next Meeting - 3rd Monday every month, 7:30 pm Flint Energies Bldg Hwy 96