Queen's Rapier Champion




To all Meridian practitioners of the art of defense, To commemorate the upcoming coronation of Timothy and Ysmay, there will be a tournament for the rapier fighters of Merdies to display their skill at arms, courtly graces, and incredible fashion sense before the Crown, Their court and the populace of our great kingdom! The tournament will begin with an introduction to the Crown. The format will be a double elimination tournament involving all weapon styles. Bouts may be fought C&T at the Crown’s discretion provided both combatants are authorized. Opportunity for authorizations will be available and other rapier activities may be scheduled throughout the day. So, come dressed to impress, fight and act your best, and show the Crown why you should be a rapier champion!


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Next Meeting - 3rd Monday every month, 7:30 pm Flint Energies Bldg Hwy 96