Heavy Combat

Friday Night Fights!

A torchlight, double eliminations tournament with a twist -- Theme Music! Walk onto the list field to crowd pumping theme music. Choose from an preselected assortment, submit your own, or, for the very brave, allow Sir Timothy to choose your theme for you.


Note: Music should be reasonably language appropriate for a mixed age audience, think radio edits, but foolishness is welcome.

Saturday Scenarios

Note – Combat Archery will be allowed in ALL battles, but the terms of death from a combat archer will vary, please read the rules for each battle accordingly.


The Spreading Plague

10 brave fighters representing the infectious plague stand against all others on the open field. Infected fighters will have unlimited resurrections. If any fighter is wounded or killed by an infected fighter, they too become infected and join the spreading plague. The battle is fought until the plague has overtaken the army. The last fighter taken by the plague will receive bragging rights in Valhalla.


The Reaper’s Field – Field Battle

This will be a standard open field battle with one catch… Death will be on patrol. If any combatant comes within a Scythe’s reach of death, they will be announced dead. The reaper cannot be killed or obstructed in any way as he patrols the battlefield. The battle will be won when all fighters from one side have been killed.
This battle will be fought until one army has 2 victories.


The Bridge to Benington’s Abbey – Bridge / Breach

There are only 2 paths to Benington’s Abbey: a bridge, and a single ford. The monks of the abbey must protect it from infection as the populace clamors for sanctuary from the plague. Any combatant can fight on the bridge. However, the ford is only passable by horse. (Only royalty, landed nobility, or peers may cross.) If any attacker sets foot in the abbey, the infection breaches the sanctuary and battle is lost.
The battle will be fought twice - Once with each army attacking.
In this battle, arrows are only lethal when striking the faceplate of the opponent unimpeded.


The Unruly Lepers of Leeds - Fort Battle

The local leper colony is fed up with the poor treatment they have been receiving. They seek to break out of the keep in which they are held and spread leprosy throughout the city. The defenders of the keep must keep the lepers contained or die trying.
In this battle, arrows are only lethal when striking the faceplate of the opponent unimpeded.
This battle will be fought twice – Once with each army playing the role of the unruly lepers.


The Barbers of Branston Village- Resurrection Battle

Each army has 3 physicians (Barbers) who will serve as resurrection points. They will carry a banner and cannot engage in combat, but they are welcome to move about. To resurrect an ally, they must tap each of the warrior’s shoulders and say a blessing (Make something up).
Warriors cannot be resurrected from the same barber twice in a row.
Barbers cannot be within spear’s reach of another barber. (Alive or dead – this means that it is impossible to resurrect another barber)
Barbers cannot be harmed by an arrow, but they can be killed by a simple touch from any held weapon. This effectively destroys the enemy res point.

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Next Meeting - 3rd Monday every month, 7:30 pm Flint Energies Bldg Hwy 96