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Fool's War Merchants - 2019

"At last the Dodo said, `Everybody has won, and all must have prizes.'"


Munitions Grade Arms

Rattan, Fiberglass Spears, Armor, Thrusting Tips

Chain Reactions Archery

We carry everything a period archer could need or want. Beautiful bows, custom arrows, arm guards, bow gloves, string gloves, and quivers.

Timeless Manufacturing

Various predominately forged items.

Goblins Forge 

General blacksmithing, eating utensils, knives

Calontir Trim

Trim, plus lamellar plates, metalwork, and linen coifs.

Goðan Daginn

Viking boxes and Thor’s hammers. Maybe some knives and axes. And my Viking flat braid looms.

Wetterworks Leather

Handmade leather and garb. Including arrow quivers, belts. Belt bags. Cloaks. And miscellaneous accessories.

An All Spiritual Place

Sideless surcoats & underdresses. Rus pants. Brokars. Skyrtas. Kilts. And miscellaneous accessories.

David the Scot

Books (dawn of time to 1700) non-fiction, Fiction books for young readers on Medieval themes, Feast ware, Drinkware, Flatware, Garb, Swords, Knives, Daggers, Shields, tomb rubbings from medieval England, and most anything else that is eclectic that looks like it is from the period - Latest addition is a Camel Saddle-someone must need it.

Kerstyn’s Zeramica

Handmade stoneware pottery, Mugs, Bowls, Plates, Tableware, etc.

Bronzewolf Crafting

Hand-made candles and soaps, jewelry and novelty items.

Jadi’s Silk Road

 Clothing, jewelry, hats, books, textile arts

Stormbringers Treasure

Wood items, all types, textiles, jewelry

Salty’s Plunder

Food – like brownies, cookies, rum balls. Drinks – bottled water, hot tea and coffee if it’s cold out. Maybe some fried pickles on a stick? Yard Sale items: various plunder pillaged from the many ports that we visit. Crafts: there will be some handmade leather work items also.

Auntie Arwen’s Spices

Bringing homemade spice blends to the known world since 1990. Including Tea blends, Tisanes and other

The Bread Head

Grilled Greek chicken skewers, falafel pita sandwiches, freshly made hummus, and tabbouleh salad. Carolina style pulled pork bbq, and dill pickles. Freshly baked artisan breads, ice cold sodas and bottled waters.

The Wooden Ladle

Old World Fusion Cuisine with emphasis on hearty meats, rustic vegetables and appropriate carbs! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dietary restrictions and food allergies welcomed!!!



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