If you would like to set up a Merchant Shop at Fools War, Lady Heather Inghean Ui Briain, Hobrien78@hotmail.com


2018 Merchants List

1. Munitions Grade Arms - Rattan, Fiberglass Spears, Armor, Thrusting Tips.  Accepts Cash, Card & Check.  Website: www.mastereirik.com


2. By My Hand Designs LLC - Polearm Heads in foam, Hilts, Shields, Casting Tools & Supplies, Circlets, Chaplets, Dress accessories. Accepts Cash, Checks, Credit & Debit. 


Website: www.bymyhanddesigns.com


3. Crafty Celts – Hand-crafted bronze and silver Viking and Celtic jewelry.  Accepts Cash, Check & Charge. Website: www.craftycelts.com


4. Auntie Arwen's Spices -Bringing homemade spice blends to the known world since 1990. Including Tea blends, Tisanes and other.  Accepts Cash & Major Cards.  Website:  www.AuntieArwenSpices.com



5. Ironhawk Forge- Hand blown glass and hand forged ironware. Accepts Cash, checks with certain restrictions and credit cards if we can get a signal.  Website:    www.ironhawkforge.com


6. Stormbringers Treasure- Wood items, all types, textiles, jewelry.  Accepts all forms of payment except PayPal.  Website: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=stormbringer%27s%20treasure


7. Woodwind Silverstone – Unique items and jewelry handcrafted from fine silver, sterling silver and gemstones. Replica artifacts and garb accessories.  Specializing in granulation and fusing techniques as used by the ancient Etruscans, Romans, and Vikings and Greeks.  Handmade Native American style flutes also crafted and available.  Website:   www.etsy.com/shop/WoodwindSilverstone.com


8. Firehorse Pottery - Pottery/Ceramics.  Website: https://www.facebook.com/Fire-Horse-Pottery-145644042153203/



9. Little Fox Custom Crafts Custom woodworking, glassware, banners, and more.  Accepts Cash, Debit & Credit.  Website: www.facebook.com/CapperCreations17


10. BronzeWolf Crafting - Handmade candles, jewelry, bath bombs and soap bars. Accepts Cash & Card.


11. Green Mountain Leathercraft – Leather goods, beads, jewelry, socks, and misc.  Accepts- Any- but I do not trade for anything that eats.


12. Gryphons Moon - Silver and bronze jewelry, trims, leather-bound journals, and more. Accepts cash & Credit Card.  Website: https://gryphonsmoon.com/


13. Atelier – Archery quivers (in historically based medieval styles), Viking Style Wooden chests, Medieval Game Box Style: Presentation boxes, regalia boxes, treasure boxes, jewelry boxes; Knight’s chains, books, & misc. merchandise.


14. Archer’s Rune – Make combat/target crossbows and kids “Nerf” crossbows. Resell for Iron Forge in Germany and Mythalonin Denmark: variety of items of use to a 14th century crossbowman: including clothing, accoutrements and armor.

15. Claybaby Pottery – Handmade pottery in the style of historical examples created for modern use.  Accepts Cash and Charge.  Website: www.Claybabypottery.com


16. Goðan Daginn – We are an American company inspired by Medieval Iceland. Making axes, knives, rowing boxes, work hammers, and Wiking looms.  Website: www.gypseyteague.com


17. The Broomsquire of Dewy Rose - handmade besoms- twig & corn types.  Accepts Cash, Credit Cards, & PayPal.  Website: www.thebroombrothers.com



18. North Star Armoury – Viking, Anglo Saxon and Medieval jewelry and artifacts, a carefully curated selection of books and possibly some armor.  Website: www.northstararmoury.com

19. Lost Viking Metalworks - Hand-forged iron and steel goods, from tools like tent states, hooks, cooking utensils and feast ware to fun and ornamental pieces like horseshoe hearts, brooches, pendants and metal flowers.  Accepts Cash, and credit/debit cards via Square.   Website: https://www.lostvikingmetalworks.com



20. Wetterworks Leather - Handmade high quality leather merchandise.  Including but not limited to: belts, belt bags, arrow quivers, braces and more. Accepts cash & Credit Card.  Website:  www.Wetterworksleather.com



21. An all Spiritual Place- Sideless Surcotes, Muslin underdresses, Rus Pants, Tunics, Cloaks, Kilts and Pirate Shirts. Accepts Cash, Paypal & Square.


22. The Crafty Apothecary – Handmade artisan soaps, soaks, lotions, bath and beauty products.  Accepts Cash, ATM? Debit and Credit Cards.  Website: http://www.thecraftyapothecary.com


23. Tessa’s Treasures – Feast gear, Garb, and jewelry.  Accepts Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, & PayPal.


24. Cubby’s Den –Children, teen, and Adult Clothing, Pelts, Jewelry, Knick-Knacks- Big discounts on everything.  Accepts Cash, PayPal & Gold. 


25. David the Scot - Books – mostly historical and reference prior to anything before 1700   Greece, Rome, Japan, China, Viking, Celt, Scotish, English, French, as well  as all through the  Renaissance times  - Majority are true History with a few legendary features – King Arthur and Merlin

Warrior Reference:  Sun Tzu – Art of War, Lidell Hart – Strategy,  Clausewitz – On War, John Keegan- Face of Battle, etc. References on Swords and other weapons.  Feast Ware:  Plates, Bowls, Cups, Steins, and Glassware, Flatware (personal and serving pieces).  Armor:  Selected Pieces - 3 Helmets, one suit of Armor.  Eclectic Items:  Knives, Swords, belts, horns, some garb, and most anything that looks like it was usable in the Renaissance period.  Accepts Cash and Credit Card w id.

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/david.mize.56 and  https://www.facebook.com/CallawayMurphyEnterprises/


26. Known World Enterprises - offers various wares such as feast gear, jewelry, baskets, garb, scarves, goblets, tankards, candlesticks, books, home décor, and so much more!  Accepts Cash, Credit/Debit (must charge tax on credit/debit.)   Website: www. facebook.com/knownworldenterprises/



27. Valkyrie's Nest - Baskets, Books, Garb, feast gear, and misc. SCA items.  Accepts Cash & Check.


28. Nerd Life - I sell garb with and without embroidery, embroidered mug covers and hidden pocket belt tokens, jewelry, vinyl sticker, and other items.  Accepts Cash and credit cards.


Website: www.facebook.com/NerdLife53


29. Timeless Manufacturing - Hand forged/Hand crafted goods: knives, axes, swords, polearms, jewelry, tent stakes, utensils, cutlery, re-purposed items, Flowers, hand painted: pendants, boxes, dragon eggs, feather pens, jeweled insects, ear cuffs (elf ears). Accepts cash debit/credit cards PayPal. 


Website: www.timelessmanufacturing.com


30. Chain Reactions Jewelry and Archery -Period archery bows and equipment, custom arrows and beautiful chain maille jewelry!  Accepts Cash, Credit Card, or Check. Website: www.chainreactionsarchery.com .


31.Krissy’s Kreations -Onsite Charcoal portraits. Will take orders for paintings.  Accepts Cash Only.

Website: www.facebook.com/Krissy-Kreations - 30096946708267171



32.The Bread Head - a variety of artisan breads, traditional Irish lamb stew and Carolina style pulled pork sandwiches.  Accepts Cash and credit/debit cards.  Website: Facebook.com/thebreadhead



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