Rapier Combat


This Year at Fool’s War, Rapier will be included in the now traditional FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS! We will be sharing the Fool’s War Thundredome with our armored brothers and sisters for an evening of fun and carnage under the glow of torches, rave lights, and disco ball stars, accompanied by the dulcet cacophony of your favorite sounds! This year's FNF will be dedicated to honoring the fun-loving memory of Sig Hewett. Contact DJ Earl Timothy to secure your entrance theme music (if you do not, one will be chosen for you… wanna take that chance?).



In Keeping with this year’s Fool’s War theme of Alice in Wonderland, we offer 3 (Count them, 3) different Rapier combat activities sure to give you plenty of blade time and keeping you wondering what the heck happened (and stories to share)!


  • Activity the first: “The Rapier Mad Tea Party”. A modified barroom brawl scenario (bring only single sword). Objects on the table will all be legal parry devices. Our Mad Marshal who is hosting the gathering promises to keep the festivities interesting and watch out for the Doormouse!


  • Activity 2: “Alice’s Army VS The Red Queen’s Guard”. This will be a topsy-turvey Warlord Tourney with a twist or two, or three (hint: the winner of a bout may not be the Warlord), culminating in a grand melee. All legal weapons are allowed.


  • Activity numbered III: “The Quest For The JABbERWoCKy”. Here is an opportunity to wander the woods, testing your mettle against a variety of odd adversaries and deadly beasties and hopefully come galumphing back.



Oh, and prizes… We have


prizes. Just sayin’.


Rapier Marshal: Baron Elijah Cameron of Black Isle (Eric Whitaker)

Email: krapiergod@gmail.com


Deputy Rapier Marshal: James Almanza

Email: James.m.almanza@gmail.com

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Next Meeting - 3rd Monday every month, 7:30 pm Flint Energies Bldg Hwy 96