Order of Precedence


In the SCA  you will hear people being called by titles, such as "Lord" and "Lady," "Your Excellency," or even "Your Majesty," but what does that all mean?   Who is who? and who ranks higher than whom?  It can be rather confusing, but below you will find a basic list to help you with a bit of that confusion.



1. Sovereign and Consort (King and Queen, "Your Majesty," "His/Her/Their Majest(y/ies)")
2. Royal Heirs (Prince and Princess, "Your Highness," "His/Her/Their Highness(es)")
3. Dukes and Duchesses (Has been King/Queen more than once, "Your Grace, Duke/Duchess ___")
4. Counts and Countesses (Has been King/Queen once, "Your Excellency, Count/Countess ____")
5. Viscounts and Viscountesses (Has been Reigning Prince or Princess of a Principality, "Your Excellency, Viscount ____" {pronounced vi-count})
6. Territorial Barons and Baronesses (The Sitting Baron and baroness of a Barony, "Your Excellency of ____")
7. Members of the Orders of Chivalry, Laurel, and Pelican (Knight "Sir", Laurel and Pelican, both "Master or Mistress")
8. Holders of Grants of Arms (Officially: Lord/Lady, Colloquially: The Honorable Lord/Lady)
9. Members of the Orders of High Merit (Bough of Meridies, Velvet Owl, Scarlet Star, Sable Sword, Legio Ursi, Split Arrow, and Meridian Blade)
10. Persons with Court Baronies (Your Excellency), Members of the Argent Comet, and Members of Baronial Service Awards

11. Holders of an Award of Arms. (Lord and Lady)

12. Persons without an Award of Arms (M'lord and M'lady)





If you happen to know someones name, and desire to know if they have any titles, you can go to the "Kingdom of Meridies Order of Preceidence page" and find out if and what awards they may hold.  Just search for them by name and it will list all of their awards.

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