Tir Briste Roll of Arms

A list of names and heraldic devices of the members of the Shire of Tir Briste, in alphabetical order by first name. Click on the images to see larger versions.

Lady Aminah of Ellora




Device - Per chevron purpure and sable, a lotus blossom in profile and in chief two dragonflies argent.

Lady Angharad verch Gwilym

Aed Mac Ruaircc

Lord Christian von Rostock





Device -Per fess Or and vert, a bear's pawprint bendwise to sinister gules within a bordure embattled sable.

Baroness Dianora di Cellini

Lord Dikon de Stokke




Device - Gules, a bend engrailed argent and overall a lion Or.




Badge - Sable, a lion rampant contourny

and a chief enarched rayonny Or.

THL Eachna ni Clonmakate

Sir Edward Aldwin




Device - Quarterly azure and sable, a cross nowy between in bend sinister two bears rampant argent.

Lady Eirný in gráa




Device - Gules, a pegasus segreant contourny argent crined and tailed Or and a tierce rayonny Or.

Lady Eisa Mikkelsdottir

Baron Elijah Cameron of Black Isle






Device - Sable, on a bend sinister Or between two towers argent a feather gules.

Dame Elizabeth of Rae Fen




 Device - Per bend sinister sable and argent crusily purpure, a spider argent.

Countess Ellawin of Eaglewood





Device - Or, chausse ploye azure, an eagle striking azure between in base two fir trees Or.

Lady Elsbeth Fereday




Device - Argent, a castle and on a chief purpure three frets couped argent.

THL Fynlo Mac Cane




Device - Per chevron vert and sable, a chevron raguly on the upper edge and in chief two oak trees argent

Master/Sir Geoffrey MacDhomhnuill




 Device - Argent, a chevron inverted between a thistle and three crosses crosslet two and one gules.



Badge - Gules, an Arabic oil lamp lit

within a bordure embattled Or.

Lady Gul Sauromatis





Device - Argent, a swan naiant to sinister within a bordure nebuly sable surmounted by a chief triangular gules.

Countess Hanna bint Abdullah




 Device - Argent, on a pale between six butterflies azure a hand of Fatima argent.

Baroness Irina Dashkova

Maestra Isabella de Boyce



Device - Per fess azure and vert, a fess bretessed between a lion couchant guardant grasping in its forepaws a quatrefoil slipped and leaved, and two hawk's lures conjoined by a Hungerford knot argent.




Badge - Vert, two fish naiant in annulo argent

between six bezants two, two and two.




Badge - Azure ermined Or, a quatrefoil argent

and a bordure embattled Or.

THL Jacques de la Fontaine




Device - Ermine, a griffin's head erased vert and a base barry azure and argent.

Katerina Louyse Kumler





Device - Gules, a chevron sable fimbriated Or and over all an elephant rampant guardant argent.




Badge - (Fieldless) A skull argent within and

conjoined to a chaplet of ivy vert.

Lord Leiðólfr grímr




Device - Argent, a wolf rampant sable and in chief three bones palewise gules.

Lord Leopold Guotman





Device - Vert, a cross Or between in chief two geese rising wings displayed argent.

Lady Lucette Simone Gérard




Device - Per pale azure and gules, a cross between in chief an owl affronty and a fleur-de-lis argent.

Lord Marcus Roland




Device - Per bend embattled argent and gules, a chalice Or on a sun sable and a serpent tailed three-headed dog salient contourny argent.

Lord Michael Robertson of Tir Briste





Device - Per chevron vert and sable, a chevron and in base a bear dormant contourny argent.

Nannina Benedetti

Lady Patricia Galway




 Device - Per bend purpure and vert, a unicorn couchant and a four-leaved shamrock saltirewise slipped argent.

Sir Ragnarr Þorfinnsson

Lady Rayne Evynwod





Device - Azure, a wolf rampant and a lion addorsed within a bordure argent.




Badge - (Fieldless) On a rose proper a winged

wolf sergeant guardant argent.



Badge - Argent, a wolf rampant and a lion addorsed sable, on a chief azure a tree blasted

between a pair of wings argent.

Earl Richard of Rae Fen




 Device - Per bend vert and argent, a bend between a cross moline and a pine tree couped counterchanged.

Lady Rosemary de Whitney

Lady Rowan MacMurrough




Device - Azure, a bend argent charged with a sun azure between a Pegasus rampant and a G-clef argent.

Count Timothy of Long Bennington




 Device - Sable, an alaunt statant regardant and issuant from base a demi-sun argent.

THL Ysabel d'Ange



Device - Ermine, on a fess azure two winged hounds sejant addorsed argent.

Countess Ysmay of Branston




 Device - Gules, a dolphin haurient contourney within and orle argent.


Badge (Newcomers' and Welcome Home) - (Fieldless) A triquetra and an annulet braced argent.

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