Officers for the Shire of Tir Briste

The current Officers of the Shire of Tir Briste are:



Seneschal & Marshal

Sir Timothy of Long Bennington is our current seneschal. In other words, he is the President of the local group.


What does a seneschal do?  The local branch seneschal within the SCA is directly responsible for: Acting as the legal representative for the branch. Running or arranging for the running of group activities in a manner that meets the needs of the populace and the SCA.  This includes assuring that the branch complies with real-world law, Corpora, and Meridian Kingdom Law, either by reference to the SCA documents or consultation with the Kingdom Seneschal. Submitting the required office reports on a timely basis. Monitoring receipt of copies of the reports that are to be sent by the other local officers to their kingdom superiors in order to be aware of whether the responsibilities of their offices are being fulfilled. Participating in financial decisions as a member of the branch’s Financial Committee.  Overseeing conflict and dispute resolution when the issue can be resolved at the local level. Fulfilling the duties of any vacant offices, including submitting their  reports as required. The seneschal also runs the monthly business meeting.


Sir Timothy is also our marshal. He is the person responsible for the safety and training of our fighters. He is the contact point for all fighting activities within the Shire of Tir Briste, from fighter practice to the fighting activities at our events.


A&S Officer

Our Arts and Sciences (A&S) officer is Lady Amina Ellara.  The local A&S officer is the officer responsible for promoting, enhancing and educating the populace on the arts & sciences of the SCA time period.  This is accomplished through encouragement, communication, recognition, reporting and serving as a resource. If you have a particular interest, contact her with ideas for future classes.  If you have a skill, please volunteer to help the rest of the Shire members by teaching a class.  Check out our local event calendar and our Facebook page for information on the next A&S meeting


 The chatelaine for Tir Briste is Baroness Ysmay of Branston. The chatelaine is in charge of Newcomers’ Relations, serving as a point of contact between our newcomers and their interests in the Society. If you are new to the Society, we welcome you. Feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns via email or Facebook. She’d be happy to point you in the right direction. We have loaner armor, loaner garb, and gear to make your start in the SCA easier. Welcome to the Shire of Tir Briste!   


Our local reeve is Eisa Mikkelsdottir. The reeve is responsible for handling the finances of the Shire and following any legal guidelines set forth by the Kingdom and real-world law.

Herald, Chronicler, & Web Minister

The herald for Tir Briste is Lady Rayne Evynwod. She is in charge of helping people design and submit their personal heraldic devices and badges, as well as documenting their SCA persona names. If you need to submit your name and device, she will be glad to help you! She also reports awards received by Shire members or given at Shire events and can help you to recommend people for awards.


Rayne is also the chronicler and web minister. The chronicler writes the shire newsletter and the web minister updates the website. If you have anything you'd like to be shared and/or posted, she would love to have your submissions.

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